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Our Pledge Service to You

No Hidden Fees

All Around Moverz is able to handle any type of Residential/Commercial move — we welcome all jobs, big or small, and LONG DISTANCE. We DO NOT charge for weight, we DO NOT have a stair/elevator fee, we DO NOT charge for mileage, we DO NOT charge gas/toll fees, we DO NOT charge disassemble or reassemble fees, and we DO NOT charge for last minute/emergency moves.


Your price is guaranteed because we come out to your home (if necessary) to assess the move and move conditions, and prepare an on-site price commitment. If we misjudge the level of effort required to move you, it is our loss, not an extra fee to you.

No Missed Deadlines

All of our employees are full-time employees, meaning they are accountable to show up on time. We use fully equipped trucks with all of the equipment and tools right on board.


Also, part of our service pledge to you is that we never overbook ourselves, meaning when all of our trucks and men are accounted for on any given day, we are full and no more jobs will be scheduled. We also put more staff on each job so we can complete your move as quickly as possible with no missed deadlines and no additional cost to you.

All Around Moverz guarantees that we will show up for any scheduled job, regardless of weather, unless told otherwise by the customer. If you have any other questions about our service pledge to you please contact us.

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