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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Services

Additonal Services

Does All Around Moverz packing and unpacking services?

Yes we do!

Senior Citizens Discount?

Moving is a stressful time at any point in life. However, making the move from the home you’ve lived in for years to a retirement or assisted living home can be even more tense. All Around Moverz understands this and is here to help you through this transition. If you are scheduling a move for yourself or a loved one, please let your Move Coordinator know and you will be issued a 5% discount toward the total cost of the move. Must be at least 65 years of age to redeem this offer.

Military Services Discount?

All Around Moverz wants to thank our military personnel and their families for their service and dedication to our country. If you are an active military member on transfer, a soldier returning home or a war veteran, we offer a 5% discount off our total move. We only request you provide us with a copy of your military ID or transfer orders to redeem this offer.



Will your mover do a free on-site assessment, and provide inventory of all the items to be moved?

Some companies will not come to your residence. They require you to provide the move inventory to develop an estimate. They may rely on you to underestimate the effort, and then charge you more after the move has been completed. All Around Moverz is always available for free, on-site estimates.



Does the mover’s price quote only include the items you have performed inventory on, or does it also include travel time, insurance, disassembly, and reassembly of furniture?

Find out what it is going to cost to add additional items and services. Make sure you ask this to avoid surprises

when you receive your final bill.

Regulatory Authority

Regulatory Authority

Are your movers licensed by the Department of Transportation for interstate moves?

Yes we are! Avoid having your possessions impounded at an Interstate Weigh Station. Make them prove they are insured and don’t just take their word for it.



Does your mover have a full replacement cost insurance policy from a licensed insurance company or do they only have the minimum insurance required?
Few carriers include full replacement cost insurance. Many only include the minimum limits of insurance required and charge you extra for additional coverage.
Are your valuables covered per pound or for the full replacement value?

If a moving company provides only the minimum $.60/pound insurance coverage then it will only reimburse you for damages to your valuables ”by the pound”. For example, if your 50 pound, 32” flat screen TV, valued at $400, gets dropped by a mover, you will not receive $400. Instead, you would only receive $30 from the insurance company. All Around Moverz makes sure that you will recieve the current condition value or depreciation value. For the same item, based on this formula: S = P(1-i)Y

you will receive $104.86 from All Around Moverz. Click on this link for the calculator.


S = Salvage value

P = Original price

i = Straight Line depreciation (20%)

Y = Age in years

Can they provide you with a copy of their “Certificate of Insurance”?

Yes we can!

Is there an extra charge for insurance?

Many movers will provide you with an hourly rate estimate that does not include extra fees such as insurance coverage. All Around Moverz provides all of the services you need in the upfront cost.

Are all of the movers employees of All Around Moverz, and are they held accountable for all damages?

Many moving companies use subcontractors only, not employees. All of All Around Moverz’s staff are employees and held accountable to the company for damages.

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